Wifi Wars, Where Lost Luggage Goes to Die, and Interesting Conversations with Ed Perkins and Steve LaRosa



This week’s edition of The Travel Guys features our favorite travel consumer reporter Ed Perkins.  Ed joins us to opine on the wifi wars that have spring up between hotel chains, some new ways to book hotel rooms online and to lead a discussion on what you are really signing away blindly on the dotted line when you travel.  Promises to be a lively conversation.

Steve LaRosa is back in studio with a new series featuring thing to do on close to home destinations. His findings will no doubt surprise and amuse you.

In the Travel News, you’ll learn what a Benedictine monk has offered in terms of advice to United Airlines.  Talk about cutting to the ultimate chase. Plus Mark tells you about the place lost luggage goes to die, all coming up this Sunday on The Travel Guys.


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