Jack Gallagher’s latest is “Five Songs” and Have You Been Around The World in Rancho Cordova?

pic 10 international market

This week on The Travel Guys, we have a decidedly local slant.   We start with a visit to the KP International Market in Rancho Cordova. Travel Guy Tom was joined by Road Reporter Steve LaRosa on an “Around The World” Tour is this most interesting store.  Have you been there yet?  Check out the photos below (click on photo to enlarge), and listen in as we take you to one of Sacramento’s most international of places.

Jack Gallagher joins us to talk about his new show, Five Songs, playing at the B Street Theater through March 1st.  It’s a most unique production, where the audience picks songs and Jack tells the stories that go with them.  A lot of laughs, perhaps a few tears, you always get your money’s worth when Jack is on the stage.

In the Travel News, Mark has an update on the measles outbreak at Disneyland, we tell you about a new app for your phone which allows you to “rent a bathroom,” and there’s a new car rental company on the horizon with a pretty neat reservation system.  Details Sunday at 3pm on The Travel Guys.


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