Ben Gives Us One Mile at a Time, and We Ride The Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer train

If you travel for business and like to pile up the hotel points and airline miles, or if you are a leisure travelers who covets the opportunity to collect enough points/miles to reap a “dream travel” award, you will enjoy meeting Ben Schlappig.  Ben is a returning guest to The Travel Guys and the reason we invite him back is he is a wealth of knowledge about many aspects of Travel.

Through Points Proshis service to those seeking help in getting that elusive frequent flyer ticket, he keeps updated on all that is happening in the frequent traveler world.  Plus, since late spring, Ben has literally been living out of a suitcase by design, spending a week or two in different cities around the world, at very low of no cost.  How does he do it?  Ben will share some of his secrets, update us on his travels and give his thoughts on where the whole mileage/points game is headed.  Promises to be fascinating for those chasing rainbows.

The Rocky Mountaineer is North America’s premier train ride.  Shannon Kidd is on hand from the train to tell us all about the magic of riding the train through the spectacular Canadian Rockies.  Travel Guys’ sponsor Sports Leisure Vacations is offering a trip to the Rockies this summer.  Click here to learn about the tour and here to plan your own independent Rocky Mountaineer vacation.

In the travel news, Uber announces a partnership with Starwood Hotels and Mark tells listeners about some good airfare sales for the spring currently in progress.   United gets out of a pretty big online air fare mistake and we have a feel good story from Jet Blue that will warm your heart, the best use of a “single” air ticket we’ve ever heard of.


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