Barry Manilow Comes Back One More Time; Online Travel Agencies Hit with Huge Tax Bills

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This week’s edition of The Travel Guys features an interview with a living entertainment legend, Barry Manilow.  Tom had the opportunity to talk to Barry about his upcoming concert tour, which includes a stop in Sacramento on April 17th.

Wellness Tourism is a relatively new category of travel which is on the rise.  We have one of the owners of the Running Y Lodge in Klamath Falls, Oregon, to tell you a little about their magnificent outdoor-centric accommodations and some of the wellness programs available there.

Klamath Falls Lodge
In the Travel News, Mark has a story about how much we prefer a great glass of wine over some pretty surprising things, and it appears the state of Hawaii is in for a cash windfall from Expedia and other on-line travel agencies.  Will paying the tax bill make some of these companies a little less stable financially?  And how does that impact the everyday traveler?


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