Come Discover a Castle, Ride a Train, Take a Trip to Washington, DC


This week, Mark relives his time last week as a citizen lobbyist in Washington, DC, and shares a host of tips on hotels, taxis, flights and more, to make you a smarter traveler on your next trip to our nation’s capital.

Gwen Duncan stops by to tell us about a unique castle in the Bay Area we’re betting you’re never heard of.  She’ll tell you how you can get an exclusive tour, or follow this link.   In the show’s “save the best for last” segment, we tell you about a unique piece of Disneyland memorabilia for sale, and share a story about the Alaska airline employee who stepped in and bought a ticket for a Delta passenger, when Delta wouldn’t get her home.  A pretty cool way of paying it forward.

Finally, we replay an interview with Chris Hart, a man of many trains.  Chris’ interview was interrupted by a power outage when it first ran a few weeks ago.  From the famous “Skunk Train” to a dinner train right in our own backyard, Chris has the rundown.


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