Spirit Airlines answers our criticism and we answer back


spirit1We are live from Maui this week, from the Royal Lahaina Hotel, on the shores of the Pacific.  We’ll share a little about this classic, moderately priced resort on the Kaanapali coast.

On the program two weeks ago, Mark had a news item about Frontier Airlines leaving passengers stranded for 18 hours in St. Louis. Without providing even meal vouchers (their printer was broken was the lame excuse). Mark and Tom commented at the time that when you choose an airline like Frontier, Spirit or Allegiant, you are choosing a “bare bones” carrier and you shouldn’t be surprised when the service matches the price you paid.  Mark also commented that at the end of the day, once you’ve paid for all the add on charges, those airlines fares are frequently not the lowest.

We were contacted by a representative from Spirit Airlines who said we had our story wrong.  We invited the Spirit spokesman on the show this week, and a VERY lively conversation ensues.  Mark stands by his comments and takes the Spirit spokesman to task.

Christopher Elliott, travel columnist for USA Today and the Sacramento Bee, talks about hotel websites that pump up the diamond ratings of the hotels they are selling to you.  This interview will definitely make you a smarter travelerchristoper elliott

In the “we saved the best for last” segment, the guys have a heartwarming story that results in some kudos for…are you ready…AN AIRLINE!


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