Ed Perkins joins us to talk about time vs. money and travel overhead


This week’s edition of The Travel Guys features a visit from consumer reporter and advocate Ed Perkins.  Ed writes for Smartertravel.com and is one of our favorite guests.  Ed recently wrote a column about hidden travel costs and he talks about “travel overhead.”  It’s a fascinating way of looking at your time when you are traveling.  Time is definitely money.  A great interview and you can find Ed’s column here.

In the Saved The Best for Last segment, we make up for the story we left out last week by giving you TWO unique stories this week.  Did you hear the one about the lady who got kicked off the plane for stabbing a snoring fellow flier with her pen?  Or the United flight that was held so a man could have a final visit with his mother before she passed?

Gwen Duncan is along with info on a new product from the Disney Travel folks.  It is Disney’s version of the popular European river cruises.  Gwen gives us her take.  You can find more information here.


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