United Forgets 99-Year Old Traveler in Houston Airport; American Road Magazine


This week’s edition of The Travel Guys features a guest appearance by Becky Repp of American Road MagazineIt’s been a while since we’ve had Becky on, and we’ll take time to update you on the magazine’s current edition, which includes a short article on the historic Cal Neva Lode at Stateline, North Shore.  Becky will tell you how you can get a great deal on a subscription to a great “roadie” publication.

In the Travel News, the US Government is about to tell some people on the no-fly list why they are there and if you fly Alaska Airlines, you can earn extra miles for doing something yourself at the airport….tagging your own bag.  Mark and Tom have details.

On Friday evening, Lee Deverman and his wife were returning form an enjoyable week touring the state of Alabama.  When their connecting (United Airlines) plane from Mobile landed in Houston, the wheelchair assistance they had both requested was waiting.  But they never made their connection. 99-year old Mr. Deverman and his wife were left unttended after they were “handed off” from one wheelchair runner to another.  Except the “another” never came.  By the time someone noticed, it was too late.

It’s a story of horrible customer service.  Could it happen to you or your relatives?  The records suggest that it can.  So what can be done?  How did United handle the situation after the Devenman’s missed their flight, and how did they get left behind when their tour director on board the plane notified the crew they weren’t there and that they were in United’s care.  The crew told the tour director to take his seat, closed the door to the aircraft and actually pushed back from the gate early, leaving two elderly passengers they had neglected inside the airport.  We sort out the facts and tell you how to avoid getting into the same situation.  And we have a few words for United Airlines…

The We Saved The Best for Last segment has a heart-warming story about an airline paying tribute to a fallen warrior and his companion.  You can watch the video here.


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