Sacramento International Airport updates and a way to help the Fightfighters Burn Institute

Sacramento International Airport
Sunday on The Travel Guys our featured guest is Director of Sacramento International AirportJohn Wheat. John is on hand to update our listeners on new service at the airport, and service that might be on the way. He will talk about the new way to pay for your parking, about why some airlines have changed terminals and even the new hotel, slated to open sometime next year.  There’s also an update on the concession situation in Terminal A.  After listening to John, we can promise you will be a smarter traveler next time you visit the airport.
John Wheat

Our second guest is Joshua Rubinstein from the Firefighters Burn Institute.  He joins us in the last segment of the show to talk about a special fund raiser to benefit the institute.

In the travel news, we tell you how you can get more legroom on Alaska (hint: it’s going to cost you) and Delta’s CEO has some bad news for those hoping baggage fees might someday go away.  We tell you why having more frequent flyers on the plane with you might be a benefit and in Saved the Best for Last, we share a letter from “one passenger to another.”


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