Irritating Tourists, One Day California Gold Country Getaways, How to Value Your Time While Traveling

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The Memorial Day Weekend edition of The Travel Guys offers variety.  First, Mark has one of his “lists,” this time featuring things travelers/tourists do that irritate the heck out of people who live in the cities they visit.  What drives locals crazy in San Francisco, New York City and even Sacramento?  Mark has all the answers, along with a story about some Chinese tourists who got a tongue lashing from their tour guide in their own country! What was their crime?

Gwen Duncan has some ideas on getaways that are close to home, and we rerun one of our best interviews of the year, with Ed Perkins.  Ed tells you how to figure out what your time is worth on vacation.  We’ve had so many people listen to the podcast of the show on line, we decided to offer an encore of the interview.

Mark has the travel news, along with a live update from New York City.  Join in the fun, Sunday at 3pm.


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