Sailing away to Asia and a Garden Party Fundraiser you won’t want to miss


Ever dream of sailing away on a month long cruise halfway around the world?  This week, The Travel Guys tell you about one such adventure, offered by our show’s major sponsor, Sports Leisure Vacations.  A Holland America ship is making her final voyage, from Seattle to Honolulu and then on to Asia, final destination Singapore.  Michael Downer of SLV shares some observations on the trip, and tells us who might consider being on the seas for a month!

Road reporter Steve LaRosa checks in to tell us about a fundraiser for a new local attraction opening up in Folsom, and Gwen Duncan helps us understand the difference between Charter airlines and regularly scheduled service from the likes of United, American, Delta, etc.

Finally, the show wraps up with this touching story from Southwest Airlines, proving once again they are the leader in “creative thinking.”


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