Special Guest Interview with Rob on the Road and Traveling to Kentucky


This week on The Travel Guys, our in studio guest host is Rob Stewart.  You know him better as Rob on the Roadseen Monday evenings on KVIE, Channel 6, our PBS station.  Rob joins us to talk about a wide variety of subjects, including destinations featured on upcoming shows, his favorites stories, the most unusual and the conversation will also include how Rob got his start in the television industry and some interesting facts about his career.

Road Reporter Clayton Whitehead is in Kentucky, putting together a unique behind-the-scenes-of-the-race-horse-industry tour.  He joins us live to tell you why you should consider a trip to Kentucky, either with him this fall, or on your own someday.  Clayton is in Lexington, where many of the Derby winners have been born and bred.

In the travel news, The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) says consumers are protected just fine by the way hotels currently divulge their fees.  We tend to disagree.  Should be a lively discussion, Sunday at 3pm on KFBK.


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