Are All-inclusive Resorts Worth It and Checkout the New ‘Airbnb’ for RVs


This week on The Travel Guys, we take you live to Jamaica to the Sandals Resort, where Gwen Duncan will tell you all about all inclusive resorts.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of all-inclusive packages?  Are they really a good deal?

Next up is Ryan Quinn of Outdoorsy.  It’s a brand new company wanting to be part of the “sharing economy.”  Have an RV sitting in your driveway most of the year? Now you can rent it to someone who doesn’t want to own one, just play in an RV from time to time.  Outdoorsy is the company that brings RV owners and RV renters together.

Finally, we take you to Pacifica.  An often missed bedroom community of San Francisco, Pacifica is a delightful spot on the ocean just minutes south of The City.  Reasonably priced accommodations and restaurants make Pacifica a place you should put on your travel list.


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