New Zealand, Q & A, Who’s Coming to SMF?


A busy Sunday afternoon with The Travel Guys includes a visit by Travel Writer ( and Consumer Advocate Ed Perkins. Ed is one of our favorite guests and this week we ask and receive some excellent tips on Visiting New Zealand (Ed just returned from there), along with his thoughts on the new sharing economy and how it impacts travel (think Uber, airbnb, Outdoorsy, etc.).

Mark dips into the online mail bag to answer some of your questions, and the guys sit down with Mark Haneke, Air Service Development Director at the airport. Mark is the guy who goes in search of more seats for you to fly in. Bigger planes, new destinations, increased service, that’s all his department. So what’s on his wish list for SMF travelers?

Mark has the Travel News, and by the time the hour is over, you’ll be a smarter traveler!


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