Gift Ideas for Travelers and How to Help a Local Charity This Christmas


The Sunday, November 15th edition of The Travel Guys features Christmas Gifts for the Traveler, an update on how safe you are (or aren’t) on a cruise ship, and a look at a local Christmas charity that has been performing quietly for 18 years!

Jon Holloway joins us from Holloway Travel Outfitters to offer up some gift suggestions. This is the first part of a two part series and this week we feature luggage and stocking stuffers. Good luggage doesn’t have to be expensive, as John explains. Plus, you are bound to get a few gift ideas for the traveler in the family. Jon’s new store is on Howe Ave., just south of Arden, across from Harold Ford.

Passenger safety on cruise ships has been in the news recently, and we talked with Chris Elliott on the show last week about why travelers with serious medical issues shouldn’t depend on emergency care on the high seas. We are joined by Kendall Carver, Chairman of the International Cruise Victims Association, Inc. Kendall comments on new legislation which would force the cruise lines to pay more attention to criminal activity on board ship, legislation brought to Congress by our own Doris Matsui.

Finally, in our Saved The Best For Last segment, we talk to Judy Schumaker of the Bev’s Angel Project. It’s the story of just one community group which has been working hard for the last 18 years to make sure some of Sacramento’s kids have a good Christmas. It is one of Sports Leisure Vacations’ Favorite charities and you can help if you like. Contact Judy Schumaker at for donations or to volunteer.


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