Airport Travel Advice for the Upcoming Holidays


This Sunday on The Travel Guys, our focus is to make you a smarter airport traveler this Thanksgiving, particularly if you are using our local airport, Sacramento International. Laurie Slothower joins us to give you a refresher course on where to park, how to pay for parking, where to drop off and pick-up and where to wait for your travelers. There are a couple of awesome tips for getting in and out of the airport.

Mark and reporter Chris Galloway are just back from Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii, and they are sharing tips on great places to eat and things to do in paradise.

Finally, Jon Holloway has the second of a two-part “traveler gift ideas” series. Jon’s new store on Howe Avenue has just about everything you’d need to hit the road.

The Travel News updates you on the latest phone and Internet scam, this one involving Marriott Hotels.


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