Car Rental Tips & Cyber Monday Travel Deals


The Travel Guys have a full plate this Sunday, November 29th.  Gwen Duncan is in studio to talk about some of the perils to renting a car and she has an excellent idea on how to save on insurance for those of you who purchase insurance from the car rental companies.  Gwen can save you some big $$$.

During the show, you’ll have the opportunity to call in and win tickets to see and hear Rick Steves, noted World Traveler, at the Crest Theater on Monday night.

Russell Hannon bills himself as the Ultra-Ecomonical Travel Expert.  He joins us to talk Cyber Monday deals in the world of travel.  There are some good ones.

Our Saved The Best For Last segment features a local charity that is about to swing into action for their annual project.  Sports Leisure Vacations has already helped out, and now you can too.  It’s a great way to honor our fallen soldiers, The Wreath Project.

In the travel news, Mark has word of how American Airlines is fudging on a rule that is designed to protect consumers, and we have the story of how Delta Airlines lost a man’s passport in one of their private clubs.

Tom with TSO creator Paul O’Neal (TSO in Sacramento this Wednesday night):


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