This Year’s Best “Smarter Traveler” Stories


This Sunday’s edition of The Travel Guys is a special show.  We have selected the three subjects over the course of the year that we found to be the most informative and got the most listener response.  Mark and Tom have updated the reports and we hope you enjoy catching one or two parts of shows you may have missed.

We told you about how to get your passport at the Sacramento Library, but more importantly, we found you could apply for a passport on the weekend! What a great service to traveler’s.

One show late summer found us discussing time shares. Gwen Duncan, Tom and Mark are all time share owners, and ALL regret their purchases.  They share their personal thoughts on the pros and cons of time share ownership, then we call in someone who is an expert in the SECONDARY time share market for some startling revelations.

Finally, our good friend Ed Perkins, noted consumer travel advocate, shares a fascinating idea with us.  Ed explains a way to “value” your vacation, by figuring out what each hour is worth.  An interesting way to look at leisure time, for certain.

We’ll be back next Sunday with our regular program, the Travel News, a special guest from Traveler’s United, and more.


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