The New York Times Travel Show


Today, The Travel Guys take you to the largest Consumer and Travel Industry Show in the country, the annual affair sponsored by the New York Times in the Big Apple.  Just as he has for the last several years, Mark attended the show and brought back with him a number of great interviews, representing a cross section of the wide variety of products and services available to the traveling public and their agents.

From a trip to the Antarctic (Antarctic Expeditions) that is truly only for the most adventurous traveler, to renting a riverboat to cruise (Le Boat) with your family and friends in Europe (think houseboat), we have it all for you!  Mark thought one of the show’s most interesting items was a translation device that doesn’t even need an internet connection (Logbar). Hang on though, this product is so new you can’t even buy it yet.  Speaking of adventure travel, National Geographic has a new travel partner we will introduce you to, g Adventures.

Last year we told you how to get a passport at the Sacramento Library on the weekend, a major convenience.  Today, we tell you how to renew your passport without ever leaving your home!    It’s Easy is the name of the company and it’s CEO is on the air with us today.  The Roman Guy tells us about why you will really need their special services if you are gong to Rome and/or the Vatican in 2016.

Gwen Duncan stops by to share a little about what hotels are doing to compete with Airbnb, and Mark has the Travel News, along with some important hints involving Airline Credit Cards and their decreasing value vs. Hotel Branded Cards.


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