Interview with Planet Primetime’s Host and Sail to Tahiti with Paul Gauguin Cruises


This week’s edition of The Travel Guys features guests from Tahiti and Hollywood. 

Join us as we take you to the South Pacific, to sail with Paul Gauguin (go-gan) Cruises on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the islands.  Learn how you can take the trip yourself, or travel with a group later this year.

Next up is Karla Cavalli of The Travel Channel.  She has a brand new show, Planet Primetime, making its debut Tuesday night on the Travel Channel.  The premise of the show is to discover the cultures of other countries through their local television shows.  Starting with game shows, and continuing down the line, Karla herself is a part of many different television programs.  An interesting new reality TV twist we think.

Karla Cavalli Photo

Mark has the Travel News, including a tip on how to save a little next time you fly with Southwest Airlines. Join us Sunday at 3pm, as we make you a smarter traveler. 


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