Today We Visit with Wayne Newton and the Owner of Highway 101 Cafe


The Travel Guys put on their entertainment hats this week, to greet Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas.  Wayne’s former home and estate in Las Vegas, Casa de Shenandoah, is now open for public tours.  A visit to the mansion is worth a trip to Las Vegas, in Mark‘s opinion (he’s been there).  It will be one of the top attractions in Las Vegas for many years.

We check in with old friend John Daley, owner of the Highway 101 Cafe, a historic roadside diner in Oceanside.  John’s got a huge Classic Car Cruise coming up in Oceanside on February 10th.  Finally, we tell you about the age-old way to travel the Sierras in winter, the scenic snow train from Key Holidays.

In the Travel News, Mark reports on the first airline passenger with a boarding pass imbedded in their body and tells you if you should change your travel passwords.

Next week: Our two favorite consumer advocates on one program, Chris Elliott and Ed Perkins, with tips on “price guarantees” and car rental insurance.


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