More from the Los Angeles Travel Adventure Show and Tips for Exploring Cuba


The Sunday, March 6th edition of The Travel Guys features the second half of our interviews from the Los Angeles Travel Adventure Show, along with a unique perspective on travel to Cuba.

Join us as we take you on a train ride from Moscow to Beijing, on the Trans-Siberian Express; tell you about a new line of travel gear by the people who make Swiss Army Knives and take you to a resort in the Sierra.  Ladies who are adventure travelers will be interested in the new travel bra we found, and we check in with one of central California’s most unique hotels.

In the last segment of the day, reporter Clayton Whitehead joins us for a personal perspective.  Clayton just returned from a trip to Cuba a week ago, and he has some fascinating observations for share, for those who might be planning a trip, or just those interested in learning about people in far away lands.


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