Fiji, Moab and Utah National Park, Voting for the Freddie Awards



The Sunday, March 27th edition of The Travel Guys takes you to the Pacific Island nation of Fiji.  Rocked by a cyclone in recent weeks, the country escaped the brunt of the storm and is ready for visitors.  There’s just nothing like a vacation in the South Pacific.

KFBK morning news anchor Amy Lewis stops by to talk about a trip she and her husband Stuart recently made to Moab, Utah.  Amy fell in love with Utah’s National Parks and she and Stuart relate a story that will have you wondering, “What the heck were you thinking?”

Plus, Mark and Tom fill out their ballot for the annual Freddie Awards, which are being held in Las Vegas at the end of next month.  There’s a link below, if you’d like to register your votes along with us!


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