2016 Freddie Awards Results and Steve LaRosa with “What’s Goin’ On?”


This Sunday (May 8) on the Mother’s Day edition of The Travel Guys…

Tom Romano is still recovering from a hospital stay, so Mark‘s guest co-host will be Steve LaRosa.  Steve brings What’s Goin’ On? with him, an update on fun things to do all around the greater Sacramento area. Jim Pelley joins us in studio.  Jim is new to the program.  He’s a long-time frequent flyer points and miles guy (not to mention a renowned humorist) and will regale us with tales from the road.

Mark has the news, featuring an update on the long lines at TSA checkpoints at airports this summer and the results of the 2016 Freddie AwardsTurns out a lot of Travel Guys listeners registered their votes! Plus, there’s an update form the mailbag, as Mark answers your online questions.


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