Inside Look of “Bert The Conqueror” with Bert Kreischer Himself


This Sunday (June 5th) on The Travel Guys, Clayton Whitehead is on hand to tell us how one of the heirs to the Walmart fortune is spending some of their loot.  Hint: It involves a growing collection of American Art at a place called Crystal Bridges in Arkansas.

Tom sat down with comedian BERT KREISCHER, star of ‘Bert The Conqueror’ on The Travel Channel.  The show kicks off its third season this Tuesday, as Bert braves some of the wildest, tallest and most adrenaline-pumping rides; while competing in some of the wackiest challenges in North America.  Tom and Bert give you an inside look at a most interesting show.

Gwen Duncan is back with an update on Around-The-World Plane tickets and Mark has the Travel News.  Join us Sunday at 3pm.


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