Mark Shares 10 Tips to Help You Travel Smarter


We take you to the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, where for the next two months you can enjoy a traditional Shakespeare production (Comedy of Errors), with the lake as a backdrop.  There might not be a more beautiful theatrical venue in the country.  We’ll tell you how you can attend a performance of Shakespeare or if The Bard isn’t your thing, how about Forever Plaid, a more modern comedy.  Whichever you choose, it’s a great evening.  Bring a jacket….

Reporter Chris Galloway is on hand to be part of a travel round table.  Chris has spent most of the last two months on the road, in the US and Europe, and we think his observations will help make you smarter travelers!  Everything from getting through customs faster to safety in a foreign country and how to enjoy the 4th of July in Boston is on his plate.  Chris is always a great in studio guest.

Mark has the Travel News and a look at his 10 Rules of Smarter Travel.  Which if you notice from the list, seems to be “11 rules of Smarter Travel.”   Perhaps he will clarify.


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