A Town You Won’t Want to Miss When Traveling to Oregon


The Travel Guys are on the road this week, as the show broadcasts live from Ashland, Oregon, home of the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Ashland is a most unique village in southern Oregon, home to a wide variety of folks, and it’s a popular summer destination.

Mark will be in Ashland, Tom in the studio in Sacramento.  We’ll talk about Ashland and the theater activities in town.  The second half of the show, Mark is joined by popular consumer advocate and travel writer Ed Perkins.  Ed is a frequent guest on the show and will talk about What Happens When Your Flight is Canceled and Preventing Pick PocketingPlus, we’ll find out a little about Ed.  He’s been writing about travel for decades and perhaps we will glean something to make us all smarter travelers.

Ed Perkins

Ed Perkins


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