How Traveling Route 66 Was More Difficult for Some

Amboy, Kalifornien, USA, Hist. Route 66

This Sunday’s edition (July 31) of The Travel Guys features a pair of fascinating interviews.  First, Amy Lewis, one of KFBK’s morning news anchors, is joined by her husband Stuart to tell you about their trip to Rome, Paris and Amsterdam.  They have a wonderful way of storytelling that you will find entertaining, as well as picking up a number of travel tips along the way.

Next is Candacy Taylor, who is part of a fascinating story revolving around Route 66, The Mother Road. Candacy joins us to talk about The Green Book, a guide created for Black travelers, to help them navigate a sometimes not-so-friendly-highway.  It is a remarkable interview and might make you think about travel from a slightly different point of view.

Mark joins the program live from Seattle and Puget Sound, where he is off with a videographer, creating videos of Sports Leisure Vacations adventures.  Mark checks in with a report on riding the ferries around the sound and has a few things to make you a smarter travel if you are heading for the Pacific Northwest.


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