Staycation Tips and A Place You Must Add to Your Bucketlist


Guest Josselyne Herman Saccio will tell us how to have a wonderful vacation at home while saving a lot of money.  Sort of travel without the travel part.  Or some great ideas for entertaining kids in the dog days of summer, you judge.

Jessica Monsell is part of the team at, the leading consumer advocacy web site. (You see Chris’ travel column in Sunday’s Sacramento Bee.)  She has discovered a way restaurant guests are being ripped off when they travel.  In fact, this little scam rips you off at home AND on the road.  Hear all about it in our alert on Ziosk’s fun and games.

Mark returns from a week exploring the “UP” of Michigan, an area most Californians will probably never see.  Mark explains why this mostly unknown region should go to the top of your travel wish list.  Plus the travel news reminds us why we always buckle up that seat belt in the sky.


Highlights from the past few weeks

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