How to Find the Help You Need to Resolve a Problem and Expert Advice for Vacationing in Mexico


This Sunday (August 21st) on The Travel Guys….

Guests: Chris Elliott, Consumer Advocate Extraordinaire

Gwen Duncan, Cordially Yours Travel

Chris joins us to discuss a recent column at about “How executives hide from you and why you shouldn’t let them.”    The topic at hand is whether or not it’s proper for people with “Customer Service” (or similar monikers) in their titles to hide from the public by disguising or not publishing their email addresses.  Chris talks about how his team of volunteers digs deep to get the information that will lead you to the people who can help you when you have a problem.

Gwen Duncan is in the house to help Travel Guy Tom Romano with his potential family vacation in Mexico.  Tom asks questions, Gwen has some answers, it’s an opportunity to experience travel planning to Mexico in real time.

Mark has the travel news, and digs into the mail bag to answer a variety of listener questions.  If you have a question for Mark, send it to, with Travel Guys Question in the subject line.


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