Tips for Enrolling in TSA Pre-check, Sports Leisure Tours, and International Train Travel

Sports Leisre Vacations 2017 Catalogue

This Sunday (September 18) on The Travel Guys, we focus on the new TSA office in Sacramento and the roll out of the 2017 tour and vacation schedule for show sponsor Sports Leisure Vacations.

The new TSA office is opening at Sacramento International Airport.  Tom and Mark will walk you through the easy application process, and explain how you can get your Known Traveler Number and be whizzing through the airport in no time.  Clayton Whitehead from Sports Leisure Vacations joins the show to talk about Tour Preview Day, held yesterday, and the new line up of vacations and tours from one of Sacramento’s oldest travel companies.

2017 Dreambook – Sports Leisure Vacations Catalogue

Gwen Duncan is on hand to talk about international train travel and where the bargains might be and in the Travel News, Mark has word on a new benefit for frequent Southwest flyers.


Highlights from last week


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