A Lincoln Highway Celebration and Challenges of Flying as a Handicap Passenger


This Sunday (October 2) on The Travel Guys, Mark and Tom tackle a topic important to many travelers, getting assistance in the airport. But specifically, getting assistance for handicapped or disabled travelers and how the airlines are doing such a poor job of providing service, they are in increasing trouble with the Department of Transportation and with their customers.  While only a small percentage of travelers need a wheelchair or a cart in a airport, a much greater number of travelers travel with or know someone needing that assistance.  It’s an important subject.  If they wheel grandma away and she doesn’t make her plane and you can’t find her, what happens next?  Reporter Jessica Monsell, our Travel Gal, explains the challenges and what we can do to be smarter travelers.

In the Travel News, a new website says it offers the best of both Airbnb and hotels; Gwen Duncan is here to finish her two-parter on international train travel and Rancho Cordova is honoring the historic Lincoln Highway through their community next Sunday, and the mayor of the city joins us to tell you all about it!


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