Allegiant Airlines Safety Update, Upcoming Events Near Sacramento and Advice from TSA Expert

airport-airplanes-gates-flight-line-163771This Sunday (November 20th), the guys welcome Steve LaRosa, with another episode of  “What’s Goin’ On,” in and around Sacramento in the coming weeks.

In the Travel News, United Airlines is about to introduce a bare-bones fare which doesn’t include regular carry-on privileges and a new super strain of bed bugs may be upon us.

Jessica Monsell updates us on a story we did a couple months back.  You might remember restaurants are putting ordering tablets on the table with access to games.  Except the games aren’t free, and you don’t find that out until the meal check arrives.  Now, after some pressure, a few restaurants are rethinking the idea.  Jessica also talks to us about Allegiant Airlines and the recent revelation that their planes have many more serious in flight problems than anyone else.

Finally, Nico Melendez of TSA talks about the the things infrequent travelers (like many who travel over the holidays) mistakenly try to bring through security. Maybe we can help you get through airport security quicker and be a smarter traveler!



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