How to Handle Hotel Reservation Mistakes and Tips On Traveling with Pets


This Sunday (December 11) on The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, Las Vegas hotels are raising their beloved resort fees for 2017, making an already ridiculous cash grab even larger, Mark has the details; and an iconic building at JFK Airport is being turned into a hotel.  You might want to put it on your “to visit” list.

As many travelers head out for the holidays, many of them with hotel reservations, we have some tips for you on what to do if you arrive at your hotel and your reservation is, well, screwed up.

Our favorite consumer advocate Chris Elliott joins us for a year end look at a variety of topics, including animals on planes, the new “bare fares,” and how the president elect might impact travel.  Speaking of dogs on planes, Adrain Woodfork stops by to offer some tips on traveling with your pets.


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