A Cool Website to Checkout While Exploring Oregon and Clayton’s Mileage Run


This Sunday (December 18) on The Travel Guys…

Oregon has a new toy to explore with.  It’s called the Oregon Weather Compass and we have a guest to explain how it works.  The classic Holiday show White Christmas is coming to town next week.  We have a guest who is a member of the cast and two pairs of tickets to give away for Wednesday night.  Listen for details on how to win.

Clayton Whitehead has returned from the ultimate “mileage run,” and he shares his stores, along with a discussion about the how’s and whys of a mileage run.  Clayton went to AFRICA for four days!

Gwen Duncan is here with something to make you a smarter traveler and Mark has all the Travel News you missed this week.

We have a special guest, Nick Valenzuela, sitting in the studio with us today. He is passionate about both radio and travel and will be heading into a international and intercultural communication graduate program this upcoming fall.

Nick Valenzuela


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  1. Vaishali says:

    “mileage run” sounds like fun. The new compass sounds like an amazing thing, lets see how that works out for me.

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