Listener Mail Bag and Great Information to Help Travelers with Special Needs

This Sunday (February 5th) on The Travel Guys…

* Gwen Duncan of Cordially Yours Travel is a regular reporter and this week she comes to talk about how her agency makes a special effort to market to and service special needs travelers.  Gwen will explain how wide the range of special needs can be, give some examples of travelers she has helped and how, and suggest how special needs travelers can be best served when seeing the world.

* Mark digs into the Travel Guys Mail Bag and answers some of your inquires, including a listener asking if saving SEVEN seats on a Southwest flight when pre-boarding is appropriate; and another who wants to know if it’s legal to attend a time share presentation, accept a gift and then make no purchases.  Get ready for some lively answers…

* The guys have the Travel News and a segment which pokes fun at the way airline tickets are sold.  What if paint were sold the same way?


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