Travel Bargains with the Trip Testers, Cruise Ship Scams, and Lizzie the Musical

This Sunday (February 12, 2017) on The Travel Guys…

* Trip Testers is the name of the newest Travel Channel series. Tom has an interview with hosts Jeff Miller and Jason Kessler, who explain the best travel bargains and over-the-top adventures on the program each week. Trip Testers airs at 11 & 11:30pm PST during February. Link to the show here:

* Ed Perkins has been advising and protecting consumers for decades. Now semi-retired in Ashland, Oregon, Ed still writes on a variety of travel issues. This week, we ask him to opine on his latest missive, 6 Cruise Ship Scams You Should Never Fall For. We promise 8 minutes with Ed will make you a smarter cruise ship traveler.

* A new local theater is starting up, and as is our tradition on the show, we love to give the smaller local theaters a little PR from time to time. The Actor’s Playpen is the name of the new performing group, and their first show is Lizzie The Musical, a rock show retelling of a very famous murder.

* In the travel news, Delta emerges as the winner in the latest poll of Airline Frequent Flyer programs; and Southwest says “the new basic economy” fares are NOT coming to a Southwest plane near you.


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