Things You Must Do in Kauai and Passport Changes

This Sunday (February 19th) on The Travel Guys…

  •  We take you to the island of Kauai, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Meet Marcus Madsen, who flies for Wings Over Kauai, a local flightseeing company.  Marcus explains why this should be #1 on your list when you are on Kauai.
  • Next, it’s a stop at Steelgrass Chocolate, a local chocolate farm, where Will Lydgate runs the show and tells us all about growing chocolate and what happens on a tour of the farm.
  • Gwen Duncan checks in with information on changes coming up soon to your passport.
  • In the Travel News, Mark tells us about canes that might not make it through TSA, and a Florida tourist who isn’t the smartest guy on the block.  Mailing drugs to yourself?
 Details and more fun Sunday at 3pm with Tom and Mark.


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