Planning for a Sports Event, Discussion with Road Food Expert, and Top 10 US Destinations in 2017

This Sunday (February 26th) on The Travel Guys:

We take you on the road in search of the Frito Pie? What in the world is a Frito Pie? Our Roadfood experts are on hand to explain what they are and where you are likely to find one. We also talk about where to find the best dessert pies in the country.

Thinking of that dream trip to the Kentucky Derby or the Indy 500? If you go, it will be pricy. And if you go, you MUST buy your package from a reputable source. Daniel Chavez from Sports Empire stops in to explain his packages and why you need to be careful.

Lonely Planet has released the ten most interesting places in our country to visit this year and Mark and Tom share the list.

In the Travel News, American Airlines announces a “simplified” boarding system with nine different groups, and British Airways has told its cargo loaders at Healthrow Airport in London not to pee in the planes. As usual, we have the scoop.


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