How Trump May Influence the Future of Travel and Tips for Traveling with Children

This Sunday, March 26th, on The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, another consumer friendly rule has been put on hold, and travelers coming from certain countries cannot watch movies on big screens in the sky.

* Chris Elliott, noted Consumer Advocate and Reporter joins us to discuss the landscape for travelers.  Is our new business-minded president going to back consumer protections or lean towards the travel providers (remember the president owns hotels, so he is part of the hospitality industry).  Chris has answers for those on both sides of the political spectrum, and tells us how travels will be impacted.

* With summer coming, families will be traveling, some of them with very small children.  Gwen Duncan of Cordially Yours Travel talks about traveling with infants, babies and the like.  Let’s face it, the more comfortable the baby is on the plane, the more comfortable we all will be.

* The guys give away their second pair of Hamilton tickets.  If you would like to be eligible to win the third pair next week, fill out the entry form on this page and listen for your name to be called next week.


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