Experts Provide Tips on How to Plan a Destination Wedding

This Sunday, April 2nd, on The Travel Guys…

* Our focus is Destination Weddings.  Sometimes expensive, requiring lots of logistics, are they really worth the effort?  We have two experts on hand to give you tips and share their wisdom.  Jessica Monsell, one of our Travel Guys contributors, tells us how to pick the right spot, figure out how much it will REALLY cost and plan for the big day.  Then we are joined by Sports Leisure Vacations videographer Matt Dockery, who will give you even more tips, based on his first person experience in Key West, a great destination for weddings.

* The Rutabaga Boogie Band, a longtime Sacramento favorite on the music scene, will join us live in studio and perhaps even give us a little music to travel by.  The Travel and Entertainment Guys!


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