How to Respond as a Smart Traveler When You’re Told You Can’t Board the Plane

This Sunday, April 24th,on The Travel Guys…..

Nick Valenzuela shares the second half of his #Hash Tag Travel Report.  Nick looked all over the state for great Instagramable Spots.  He found a number of them and all of the photos can be found here.

On The Travel Guys, we are always looking for something a little different to share.  We think we found a blogger/author who specializes in them.   Chris Backe (rhymes with “hockey”) writes for One Weird Globe and he is on hand from Croatia to share with us some of the quirky things he has found.  A museum about relationships that have failed?  A Korean King who kept the most unusual family souvenirs and even a tour of Underground Seattle with an adult twist.

The story about United having a passenger drug from a plane two weeks ago is still in the news, and some things are changing because of that situation.  Tom and Mark take a segment and talk about what to do if they ever tell you, “Yes you have a ticket.  No, you cannot board the airplane.”  Our goal, making you a smarter traveler.


Highlights from previous weeks

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