New Airplane With Decreased Legroom and Answering Some Listener Questions

This Sunday, May 7, on The Travel Guys, live from Sacramento and Cincinnati…

In the Travel News, American Airlines has announced that their new 737s will have even less leg room than their existing planes, cutting 1-2 inches off every seat.  Mark is a bit outraged, and can’t believe the timing of the announcement, coming on the heels of the United and American “on board” incidents of recent weeks and Congress’ promise to crack down on the airlines if they don’t get their acts together.

Mark digs into the mailbag to answer your travel questions (ask your questions using the form on this page) and the guys have an extended conversation with veteran Travel Writer Ed Perkins about the whole airline situation.  Finally, Mark has five things you never say when trying to win an argument with a travel supplier.  Just one way listening to The Travel Guys can make you a smarter traveler.



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