44th Annual Sacramento Music Festival is just around the corner

This Sunday, May 14, on The Travel Guys…

The Sacramento Music Festival is arguably the largest event of the year in our city. Born from the Dixieland Jazz Jubilee, it has morphed into a musical event for fans of all ages. More than just jazz, there’s everything from Rock and Roll to the Blues to Country and even tunes with a Latin beat. We’ll tell you how you can be a “Smarter Event-goer” at the festival, with tips on venues and pricing and the “Friday night secret.”

Tom asks Mark how a tour company like Sports Leisure Vacations deals with airline issues, delays, bad weather and the like when he’s out on the road with a group of travelers. His answers will absolutely contain information to make you a smarter traveler when you are out, even if you are traveling alone.

Mark dips into the mailbag for a second consecutive week to answer your travel questions. If you have a question about travel, a particular destination, airlines, anything in the travel world, drop The Travel guys a note using the form on this page. Mark answers as many as he can personally by email and some questions are answered live on the show.


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