Exploring Santa Cruz with Steve LaRosa

This Sunday, June 4th, on The Travel Guys….

* Steve LaRosa and Clayton Whitehead join us live in studio. Steve is on hand to talk about the sights and sounds of Santa Cruz in a special edition of “What’s Going On.” He takes us all over town, to help us discover the joys of a city that definitely has a “60’s” influence in the air. Clayton stops by to participate in a Travel Round Table during the second half of the program. Lots of things to make you a smarter traveler, including the pros and cons of booking through an online travel agency.

Nickelodeon theater Santa Cruz:

Pacific Cookie Company on Pacific Avenue:

Kianti’s Pizza & Pasta Bar on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz:

Exhibit at Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History:

Bookshop Santa Cruz

Dream Inn

Donnelley Chocolates 

The Donnelley brothers, Richard (left) and Henry (right) holding an award they won

* In the Travel News, President Trump appears about ready to roll back some of the Cuba travel privileges enacted by his predecessor; new TSA procedures for carry-ons are being tested around the country and the overseas laptop ban isn’t coming to the US….for now.


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