Rosie the Riveter Home Front Festival & Avoiding Road Rage

This Sunday, on the June 25th edition of The Travel Guys:

In the Travel News, Mark is reporting a significant change in the cancellation policies for many Marriott branded hotels.  It was done quietly, without a public announcement.  Many properties are now collecting a cancellation fee if you don’t cancel at least 48 hours prior to arrival. The old rule was generally 24 hours, up from 6pm day of arrival just in recent years.  Beware, the hotels are coming after your wallet.

Also in the news, Uber is about to allow you to tip your ride-sharing driver (Lyft riders have always been able to add a tip).  There are other policy changes affecting Uber riders and Mark has a report.

Guests include a representative from the Rosie The Riveter Trust in Richmond.  They are planning to try and break a world’s record in August.  Learn more about it here.  We also have US Travel to report on Americans and their vacation time.  In 2016, we took a little more of what was coming to us.  Finally, we wrap up with a man who wrote a book on road rage and give you some ideas on how to avoid those who spread it (Who are they?)



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