Everything you Need to Know About Airline Vouchers and Passports

This Sunday, September 3rd, on The Travel Guys:

*    In the Travel News, Southwest has announced significant service expansion for Sacramento, coming next spring, and the folks who run Logan Airport in Boston are thinking of charging to drop off passengers. Sounds a bit crazy, we have details.

*    Clayton Whitehead is in for Tom and joins Mark in the Smarter Traveler segment at 3:20.  “How to conduct yourself on a group tour” is the topic.  Mark has a list of items and you can expect both hosts (tour directors themselves) to offer plenty of “input”.

*    Ed Perkins is a frequent guest.  Ed is a longtime travel journalist and travel writer, living in Ashland, OR.  This week he helps you understand what an airline voucher is good, and not good, for.  When the airline offers funny money, what do you need to know about it?  Should you hold out for cash?  How much cash?

*    Gwen Duncan is on hand to talk about passports.  Do you know the difference between a passport and a passport card?  How many pages do you need to have in your passport?  More importantly, how many of them need to be BLANK pages?


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