Cruise Airfare Options and Rick Steves is coming to Sacramento

This Sunday, September 24th, on The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, Sacramento’s airport is rated the BEST in the nation by travelers; and it appears Southwest Airlines is about to announce service to Hawaii, Mark has details.

* In our Smarter Traveler segment at 3:20, cruise travel expert Michael Downer is on hand to talk about how to buy the airfare to get to and from your cruise.  Should you buy it yourself, or choose from the cruise lines’ offerings?  Michael has some solid advice for those embarking on a cruise anytime soon.

Rick Steves is coming to Sacramento, appearing at the Crest Theater on Sunday, November 26th. His show is sponsored by KVIE, our local public television station.  Heath Buckmaster is in studio to explain how you can get tickets.

Mark’s “stash” from yesterday’s visit to one of his favorite places, the small farmer’s market in downtown Vancouver, Washington, just over the Columbia River from Portland.\
His bounty included sirloin beef jerky, fresh sweet blueberries, a huckleberry scone, oatmeal cookies, a bag of locally made almond toffee, and a box of miniature sweet peppers. See why he likes the place?


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