Do Cruise Lines Have Weather Waivers?

This Sunday, October 1st, on The Travel Guys…

In the Travel News, Sacramento International Airport is celebrating its 50th birthday, and Mark will tell you how to get free tickets to the party. And another passenger has been dragged from a plane, but the storyline is a bit different this time.

In our Smarter Traveler segment last week, we talked about “weather waivers” that airlines offer in cases like hurricanes.  This week, Gwen tells us how tour operators and cruises lines deal with catastrophic weather conditions.  Hint: It isn’t so cut and dried.

Steve LaRosa brings us one of his “What’s Goin’ On” reports, offering a variety of things to see and do around the area.  Check below for links to each of Steve’s featured things to do.

We also welcome Bag King to the show.  If you live in Natomas or Folsom, you should check out their stores, offering a wide variety of luggage and travel accessories.  Owner Jeff Bernard joins us.


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