Layover Tips and Ticket Giveaways

This Sunday, October 8th, on The Travel Guys…

* In the Travel News, things have come 180 in terms of travel to Cuba, as the U.S. State Department issues a warning telling Americans to be extra careful if you are headed to Cuba anytime soon.  The Florida Keys officially reopened to tourists last week, and good news from Puerto Rico, as the first cruise ships will return next month.  Plus, another Indian tour operator has dropped elephant rides from their itineraries and we’ll tell you why.

* In our Smarter Traveler segment, realizing that in Sacramento we don’t have as many non-stop destinations as travelers in San Francisco or Los Angeles, we discuss what is the right amount of time to allow for a layover between flights in an airport.  Many of us have to connect to get to most destinations, so layovers are a science with some frequent Sacramento travelers.  We’ll share some of that wisdom.

* Right after the news update at the bottom of the hour, we’ll be looking for three listeners who are avid cruisers, travelers who love to go by boat or ship.  Call in and tell us why you love big ship cruising or small ship cruising or yacht cruising or sailing on the open water or river cruising in Europe or just any kind of cruising.  The traveler who offers the strongest points will win a $100 Ruth Chris Gift Card.  There will even be prizes for the runners up.

* Finally, on a day when we are giving away things, we might as well let go of our last two Rick Steves tickets.  Rick will be in Sacramento at the Crest Theater on Sunday, November 26th.  You can get tickets here if you don’t win a pair from The Travel Guys.  Our friends at public television KVIE are sponsoring the event.


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